Winter Hazard Awareness Week – Record Cold October – Mass Migrations – Venus Transit – Mesa Prieta

Several blasts of arctic cold will bring an early winter to millions across the US
Arctic blast to bring ‘major cold air’ to Midwest, Northeast, setting up ‘measurable snow’ chances
Winter Hazard Awareness Week
Accumulating snow for southeast Minnesota, record cold possible next week
Parts Of Alberta Are Getting 25 Cm Of Snow And Extreme Cold Weather Tonight
GFS Model Total Snowfall
A Taste Of Winter Expected For Eastern Two-Thirds Of The U.S.
30+ Inches of New Snow in the High Alps
Heard Island volcano news & activity updates
More than 11,000 scientists declare global climate emergency in signed letter
NOAA Official October Numbers
Mud in storied ice core hints at a thawed Greenland
The World’s Thickest Mountain Glacier Is Finally Melting, and Climate Change Is 100% to Blame
Mycologist Paul Stamets Discovers All Natural Pest-Fighting Fungi
Peroxynitrite: A dangerous link between GMOs and Wi-Fi
Vegetables sold at H-E-B, Kroger, Walmart, others recalled for possible Listeria contamination
Mann Packing Co., Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Vegetable Products Sold in the United States and Canada Due to Potential Health Risks
Chicken recall: More than 2 million pounds recalled, may be contaminated with metal
A Transit Of Mercury Told Us The Scale Of The Universe
A third of California methane traced to a few super-emitters
Ancient settlement discovery in Florida changes course of US history
Ancestral Mexico Calendar
Study Reveals That Humans Migrated from Europe to the Levant 40,000 Years Ago


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