We’re all conservatives, but Erin O’Toole has drawn a line in the sand claiming that being a “True Blue Conservative” is good, but being a progressive “liberal lite” conservative – is not. He’s using the same virtue signalling tactics that Justin Trudeau uses (against those he doesn’t agree with) to divide and break up our party!

And this guy wants to be the leader of the conservative party?

9 out of 12 endorsements for Erin O’Toole come from Pro Life/ Campaign for Life supporters (including Jason Kenney). WATCH OUT Conservatives! Watch out for the wolf in sheep’s clothing!!

We lost the last election because our party is completely divided over core social issues like abortion and gay rights. The message we sent Canadians in October is – don’t trust us, because our leaders can not be relied upon to keep the wolf on the other side of the door!

The ONLY way our party is going to be able to move forward in a country where over 80% of its citizens support a woman’s right to choose and gay rights is to do better at mirroring those values that are no longer negotiable!
Erin O’Toole is walking a very dangerous fence right now and frankly – the progressive conservatives among us are not idly standing by… if O’Toole is going to start a civil war within our party, he’s going to have a really bumpy road in his coming election!

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